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Oh wow I haven't used Livejournal in forever haha

so yeah i'm 27 year old now, I have anxiety (fun..) and I post on Tumblr/Twitter more than I do on here. But to be honest I kind of missed Livejournal, probably because it felt like it's only place where I really treat it as if it was blog thing, rather than Tumblr - as I just reblog way more than I do blog on that site.

So... I'm wondering how many people who's followed me still uses Livejournal?

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Oh wow haha.

Went on Gaydar just because I'm bored, figured I'd chat for few hours before my mate fancies Diablo II online. Someone asked me if I have any pictures, I just said only public pictures I have is up; but he said he can't see em. I gave him URL to picture of recent one (which is today) and he just left without saying word. As expected.

Asked in gaydar chat room to see if it's just that guy having problems, and someone just went

subdave0000: pathetic pics mate

Rofl. What's even funnier that he doesn't have any pictures up; yet he throws that out. Charming fella. I just replied with thumbs up emotion, and never bothered talking to him xD

Seriously some gays there can be horrible, to degree of where you'd laugh like crazy. Them be mad gay fellas.

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Diablo II Achievement

Currently Playing: Diablo II (PC), Pandora's Tower (Wii), Saints Row 2(360)
Never thought I'd achieve this...

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Max gold in stash. xD In past I died so often in MFruns I lose all of gold easily ._. Now I can do good number MFruns in row without dying :3 And yes, I'm MagicFind (which is MF stands for, means getting rate items) whore...full stash ._. (Well, that and half of it was given from one of friends on there, it'll be helpful for new characters I may do in future. For now though I'm sticking with MF FireSorc, Javazon and Paladin I'm working on)

Other than that, life's been same as usual. Just gaming to pass time, haha.

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Currently playing: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Wii), Pandora's Tower (Wii), Pullblox (3DSWare) and Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)
So my brother finally got most of his stuff at my sister' house out of there, into where he 'lives' at the moment. This might mean he'll get his own stuff at my mum & mine's house meaning more room for us to put away our stuff xD Doubtful, but would be nice. Also... jobsearching still gives me nothing - it's been dry as of lately after 2011! Really annoying... ach well I'm in situation where things aren't too bad, considering I pay bills fine (£180 a month) and still have money to buy stuff I need, and/or things I want. 

All I can do is keep trying, I guess. Dalmellington has becoming bit of bore now my mates have busy lives as ever so I kind of feel lonely. I don't want relationship that much either, just be able to hang out with my mates again. xD But I do still have days of that; so it's not too bad really. I do really want to move out into Kilmarnock, though especially it'll mean be able to see my mates and do few hours catch up. The problem is finding someone to move in with, one of my mates said he'd be interested but since he lives at Kilmarnock already...and lives at his parents' house which is HUGE, and his parents are away all time so I got feeling he won't want to move out. I'd be glad to prove wrong, however!

I've been gaming so much as of lately. 360's on rest though as 50+hrs of Burnout Revenge and 6+ playthroughs of Silent Hill 2 (HD) has made me exhausted from 360, so I'm playing on Wii/3DS more <3  Bit disappointed that Pokémon community here is pretty quiet... just so many Pokémon Collectors posts which nearly made me want to spend money on Pokémon merch. I can't really, or rather, I want to save my money xD Already spent almost £200 on videogames, and I'll add twenty pounds to that by Wednesday as I'm picking up two more games for Gamecube ;_;

Oh well, I'm sorted for next few months. Layton 2,3 & 4 (and London Life), Catherine, X-men The Official Game, Raidant Historia, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Diablo II, Gothic (just FINALLY got it working, bought it last year <_<), Pullblox, Kid Icarus Uprising, Zelda: Skyward Sword (xmas game), Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade, Last Story and many more that I need to start xD

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 Sorry I haven't updated my LJ for ages (minus these Twitter updates, for some reason though they're really, really slow!). Decided to come back to Livejournal, for Pokémon community at least. Serebii's forums aren't really good, despite that site itself is amazing.

Anyway update to my life... 

Still single and jobless, but I'm not fussed now. Just keeping jobhunting whenever I can, really. Still gaming as usual, though I have brand new PC meaning I can play all of my PC games at very high graphics level, which is nice thing. Got PS Vita; and 3DS  - I'll be picking up Wii U this year.

360 remains my console of choice; but Wii/PS3 has gotten alot more action from me. Loving Pokémon Black although I'm off and on from it, looking forward to White/Black 2 though. I'm now uncle of three niece and nephew, before I updated this journal it was 2 nieces and one nephew. I'm also godfather of youngest niece; which is pretty cool. My best mate now has girlfriend and I gotta say she's cool :) Likes Halo, and doesn't mind our sense of humour.

Another mate being crazy as usual; and I'm off from few online forums yet remain on some when joining new ones. GRcade & Nintendo Buddy Boards are main forums I post on, along (rarely, though) and odd FurAffinity (which I'm not fussed about now.)

So um...that's all I can think of saying. If anyone wants to know what's going on with my life, just ask and I'll answer :)

Hope to hang around longer this time x

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