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Diablo II Achievement

Currently Playing: Diablo II (PC), Pandora's Tower (Wii), Saints Row 2(360)
Never thought I'd achieve this...

Diablo II Max Gold in Stash

Max gold in stash. xD In past I died so often in MFruns I lose all of gold easily ._. Now I can do good number MFruns in row without dying :3 And yes, I'm MagicFind (which is MF stands for, means getting rate items) whore...full stash ._. (Well, that and half of it was given from one of friends on there, it'll be helpful for new characters I may do in future. For now though I'm sticking with MF FireSorc, Javazon and Paladin I'm working on)

Other than that, life's been same as usual. Just gaming to pass time, haha.